Our Company

The main activities of KBFI-UNIO Mining Technology Development Ltd.:

Industrial radiography, development, production, servicing and distribution of radioisotope measuring systems and devices.

Applications with sealed and open radiation sources.

Handling of radioactive waste.

Transportation of radioactive materials according to ADR Class 7.

Central phone/fax: +36-1-420-4201


Permission numbers:

Activity permission of KBFI-UNIO Ltd. for sealed radiation sources:  BPR/021/08184-3/2015.

Issued: 25.08.2015. Valid until: 25.08.2018. Issuer: BFK NF

Activity permission of KBFI-UNIO Ltd. for open radiation sources: V-R-021/11126-7/2012.

Issued: 06. December 2012.  Valid until: 06. December 2017. Issuer: BFK NSZSZ

Permission of KBFI-UNIO Ltd. for handling radioactive waste: BPR/021/08742-8/2015.

Issued: 08.10.2015. Valid until: 08.10.2018. Issuer: BFK NF